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We'll Take Care of You Like Our Own

"Here at Caring Family Dentistry we treat people like family. We go above and beyond in creating a great experience and environment for all of our patients." 

Preventive Care

Our hygienists are dedicated to working with you to help you maintain lifelong, optimal dental health that has serious implications on your general health.

Diagnostic Care

We use the latest technology in our comprehensive examination that allows you to join in determining a treatment plan that is best for you.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind - We offer TLC and amenities to ensure that you have an exceptional experience and confidence in the treatment you receive.

How we make it a home

smilepatientAt Caring Family Dentistry, we strive to continue a legacy of dentistry that has been around for the last twenty years. We bring the best clinical training from our Doctors to an environment that we hope helps our patients feel calm and confident about the dental procedures they are getting.

We are constantly looking at ways to enhance the experience of our patients including: continued education in dental procedure, technological enhancements in our techniques and using top-of-the-line dental equipment. We make your dental health our priority.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you Dr. Jangaard for providing excellent dental care to my family. I’m so grateful for your gentleness, patience and expertise during procedures and of course the wonderful results we’ve had with tooth extractions, bridgework and crowns. I really appreciate your approach to dental care and taking care of my family as you would your own."

-Andy Hall

"Dr. Nolan Jangaard has completely changed my experience of going to the dentist. I grew up terrified of dental work and would dread going every six months. About five years ago, my husband and I switched dentists and we have never looked back. Dr. Jangaard is everything you want in a dentist. He is incredibly knowledgeable and always has the patient's best interest in mind. The thing I appreciate the most about Dr. Jangaard is how gentle he is and how well he communicates with the patient. His work is thorough and efficient and my teeth have never looked or felt better. "

-Erin Etherton